Injection Moulding Handling

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Integration of KUKA Robot with Arburg 2-colours IMM

Plastic Injection Moulding is to manufacture parts or components from polymers into injection moulding machine (IMM).

Polymer is inserted into the machine in pellet form, high heat is applied to the material to melt and inject into the mould, the mould will hold it at high pressure while the material is cooling until it is in a solid form.  Once done, the mould is opened and the robot/ operator will fetch the part. 

The robotic arm is installed to fully automate the plastic injection moulding process.  The robot can perform insertion  and perform part-removals.  The robot is integrated with the IMM machine using a standardize data connections, Euromap 67.

This system is able to increase the high production rate, high quality of workpieces, high tolerance to replicate the products and highly consistent cycle time.  In General, this system has very good repeatability results in quality assurance and extremely low reject rates.

Job Scope: Integration and installation of KUKA Robot with Arburg IMM.

Final Products: Car audio components
Location: Penang


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